When you are ready to replace your AC system, call A Kool Saver!

Air Conditioning installation
and replacement

Air Conditioning installation technicians at A Kool Saver can help you with all of your AC replacement needs. Our technicians are trained to install your new Air Conditioning Unit with high attention to detail so that your new unit will last for years to come. We also remove your old unit and dispose it properly as part of our service.

Air Conditioning
Ductwork Services

If the ductwork for your central air conditioning system needs work before you install a new AC system, our Miami HVAC technicians can inspect, install or replace your air ducts. Once we’ve determined the condition of your current ductwork, we can go over the different options. You may want to choose to install a ductless mini split air conditioner if you decide that replacing your ductwork isn’t the most cost–effective choice for you.

HVAC Professionals

The importance of a professional service should not be overlooked for any heating or cooling system. When you need that professional level of skill and expertise, call A Kool Saver. We can handle all your issues regarding AC, Duct and Insulation.